The 3 Stages of the Buying Process

Our restlessness for real-time has pushed us to launch a product suite that operationalizes real-time payments to their full potential.

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After sign up, upload your invoice and choose payment terms easily

Your seller gets payed immediately by Neograde, no matter if the goods have been shipped or not

You pay us back based on the terms selected in step 1. Usually between 30-120 days

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We offer a range of product features and benefits, e.g. real time tracking, visibility of payment terms, flexibility

  • Extend Payment Terms
  • Optimise cash cycle
  • Minimise supply chain finance cost
  • Support suppliers who are unable to access bank credit
  • Simple and Easy Process
  • Quick decisions

Pay orders later – up to 120 days!

Get payment on your terms. Explore 30, 60, 90 or 120 day
repayment, and only pay for what you use, with no
minimum commitments.


Hedge your FX Risk

Get flexible payment terms on invoices in EUR, USD, GBP,
CNY, with a fixed exchange rate to protect you from