The 3 Stages of the Selling Process

Our restlessness for real-time has pushed us to launch a product suite that operationalizes real-time payments to their full potential.

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After sign up, upload your invoice and choose payment terms easily

Get paid as soon as the goods get shipped

Your buyer pays Neotrade directly, you relax and focus on the business

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We offer a range of product features and benefits, e.g. real time tracking, visibility of payment terms, flexibility

  • Release capital and cash to reinvest in your business
  • Minimise payment risk
  • Simple and easy process
  • Quick decisions

Focus on what matters most

Don’t worry about buyers payments. We take care of the collection and risk. You can focus on growing your business


Payments on the spot

Waiting 30-180 days to get paid? Forget about unfavorable payment terms and get paid instantly, right after shipping.